Internet Banking


Internet Banking

Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd. recognizes that in today’s new age of information, access to relevant data makes the difference between a good and a brilliant decision. In this regard, GBC has revamped its internet presence and provisioned a first-class Internet Banking Platform so as to facilitate your every banking need. GlobexSecure, our new Internet Banking platform, comes to life at the beginning of April 2009 and promises to be the most user friendly online banking facility available, anywhere.

True 21st Century Around-the-Clock Banking is now available.

GlobexSecure Online Banking

All you need is an Internet connection to access your financial information on the GlobexSecure Banking Platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features and Benefits

Highly Scalable Architecture
GlobexSecure ensures live updates of information through our Core Banking System and provides real-time transaction processing.

New and Improved Security Technology
100% SSL secured communications coupled with Zero-based Memory Caching; Limited Logon details Lifespan; the disallowance of Single User Simultaneous User logon, and much more. Users can rest assured that absolutely no data is saved to their computer.

Corporate and Retail Account Segmentation
Specialized Portal Access Systems are now available with functionality tailored to customer/account type.

Use Level Personalization and Customization
Account alias naming features as well as “My Quick Links” menu options allow you, the customer, to gain efficiencies by giving each account your special identification and having the most visited options available at your finger tips.

Accounts Summary and History
Virtually unlimited transaction history with export capability to a number of formats including PDF and CSV.

User & Role Management
Full control of the corporate users’ functions, as it relates to your human resource compliment, is put in your hands. The Bank allows you to determine by Whom, When, Where and How your account information or transaction activity is accessed and/or processed.

Beneficiary Management
Enter beneficiaries to your transactions once and never have to do it again. Next time around, simply choose these recipients from a drop down list.

Multi-Currency Support
Accounts held in major currencies can now be viewed in its respective currency. Currencies currently supported include USD, EUR, GBP & CAD.

Multi-Lingual Support
GlobexSecure launches in English but will soon be followed by a number of other languages as we continue to extend our reach to the wider world.

Alert Capabilities
Customers will now be to set alerts on a number of key variables including account balance information. Initially, alerts will be sent by email and later by SMS.

Account Support

  • Pre-set the number of transactions listed for mini-statements
  • Set personalized links which lead directly to features you frequently utilize
  • Define beneficiaries to which frequent payments are made
  • Transfer funds between accounts or to other accounts held within the Bank
  • Check account balances
  • View and download statement of accounts
  • Send secure messages to us through the new Message & Request Centre


To apply for Internet Banking, please click here: 


Internet Banking “GlobexSecure” Access Agreement


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